We will review grant requests for proposals related to increasing health span and the restoration of homeostatic capacity. This includes proposals for research related to the fundamental biological mechanisms that prevent age-related diseases and disabilities, and proposals related to regenerative medicine.

In particular we want to hear from you if:


  • You applied for funding through the NIH/NIA and received a score from the NIH/NIA between 8-15 but didn’t receive funding.  In order to apply, please submit your original NIH/NIA grant application with all scores and notes for consideration. We have also added one additional question to the application that we encourage each scientist to fill out, which is:  “If you could work on any area of science related to restoration of homeostatic capacity, what would it be?”.  This will provide the review committee with an opportunity to learn about what each applicant is passionate about and the “crazy” or “moonshot” ideas that they would love to be working on.  For more information or to apply, please visit our grant application page.

  • You have proposals related to the restoration of homeostatic capacity. This may include proposals related to regenerative medicine.

As a new organization, we will fund as many qualified grant requests as we can. Our ability to fund new requests is directly related to the funding we are able to raise.  We will also promote all grant requests on our website (with prior approval) so that the public has a chance to review the proposals.  While the Hero Science Foundation provides due diligence for donors that would like to support our mission and the grants we select for funding, we are also happy to facilitate direct contact between potential funders and grantees.